tirsdag 2. juni 2015

Coloring Chipboard Step by step

Today I want to show you a method of coloring chipboard, that gives you a two-toned color. When I color chipboard with spray and thin waterbased color, I often seal them with clear gesso first, to avoid the color from pulling into the chipboard.
Then I find the colors I plan on using. On this chipboard, I will use a mix of white modellingpaste, light turquoise paint, and Glimmermist that matches the blue color.

Using a pallette knive, I randomly put white modeling paste and colored paint on my desk. Make sure one color doesn`t completely cover the other color. Then I spray glimmer mist on top of the paints.

Then I place the chipboards I want to color into the paint and glimmer mist mix, press down, and lift up again. I let it dry completely, and then spray some small, black droplets of india ink on the chipboards. Then the chipboards are ready for use.

This is my finished Layout, using the chipboards I colored. The other chipboards that have solid colors are painted either black or white to complement the multicolored chipboards.

Chipboards used: (Click on the photos to be taken directly to the webshop)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Denne layouten var bare utrolig stilig, tøff og nydelig på en gang :D
    Super tutorial :D

  2. Så utrolig stilig LO og kul måte og farge chipboard +++ på!